Mystery White Marble Kitchen Countertops
Mystery White Marble Kitchen Countertops


Marble is a natural stone millions of years old from limestone family. It is a nonfoliated metamorphic rock. It is a soft and porous stone. It is the most versatile natural stone choice in home decor. It exists in a variety of colors, textures, patterns and designs. It is used to build deities, temples, tombs etc since ancient times but now it is also used as decorative purposes in constructions mainly used on walls as marble wall tiles, elegant tile floors, kitchen countertops, backsplashes, marble bathroom vanities and columns etc and even it is used in making decoration pieces.







  • Marble kitchen and bath countertops have been the stone of choice from commercial applications, monuments, ballrooms, lobbies, walls, decorative floorings, countertops, backsplashes etc. it is an element of attention and attraction because of its beauty and elegancy.
  • Marble kitchen and bath countertops are natural stone which is easily recognizable which are available in a range of colors that are white, beige, gray, exotic green, black and pink etc. Marble has thick and subtle flowing veins in it.
  • Marble kitchen and bath countertops will add to the value of your home and provide the grand impression to the buyer if kept in good condition.
  • Marble kitchen and bath countertops are all unique and special because nature makes these marbles with unique designs and textures.
  • Marble kitchen and bath countertops are easy to work with. It can be cut, molded and shaped easily with minimal effort.


  • Marble is a porous and softer stone than other natural stones such as granite. Making it more susceptible to staining, etching and scratching.  However, the finish choices and proper care and maintenance make marble look like as it is installed today even after several years. Some finish choices like honed finish can help to disguise etching rather than polished finish.
  • Marble countertops require proper care and maintenance. Marble is a porous natural stone so a proper sealing is required to protect it and its beauty. Avoid making acidic foods on marble as well as use non-acidic cleaners to clean the marble countertops. Use cutting boards, pot holders and trivets etc to avoid scratches, burns and other damages. Regular sealing is required annually or after two years to protect the marble from damage.
  • Marble is a soft and delicate stone. It should be handled with care. Never drop something sharp or heavy on marble kitchen countertops otherwise the object may damage the marble. It can be cracked, nicked or scratched from such carelessness which makes you feel bad.
  • Marble, like other natural stones, degrades over time. With the passage of time, it may break or show the signs of wear and tear on it. If you are not careful enough about marble and its maintenance then the degradation process may occur early. With regular cleaning, caring and maintenance you can minimize the degradation process of marble countertops.