Mont Cristo Granite Kitchen Countertops
Mont Cristo Granite Kitchen Countertops


Natural stone has been used for many years as a countertop material and has often lasted long beyond the lifespan of the home. Granite is one of the hardest and strongest types of stone available, which makes it a great choice for a countertop. Granite is available in a wide color range and there are many size and finish options to choose from. Every slab of granite is slightly different in color and pattern, making each countertop unique, so the possibilities are virtually endless. Granite is a natural stone that is quarried, cut into slabs, polished, and fabricated into countertops for many possibilities such as kitchens, baths, showers, outdoor kitchens, restaurant ovens, ice cream palors, outside of buildings, tombstones.


  • Granite countertops are resistant to staining by most foods, coffee, tea, wine, fruits and vegetables or spices if the countertops are properly sealed.
  • Granite countertops can stand up to the most difficult situations and uses, easily handling hot pots and pans or sharp knives.
  • Granite requires little maintenance, although there are different opinions regarding its care.
  • Granite countertops are fabricated from Natural stone and come in many unique colors and patterns throughout.


  • Granite can be a porous material depending on the color and mineral makeup of each individual type of stone, which means that it can with stain.  The darker the stone the more resistant it will be vs the White or light granite colors.  With the proper and regular use of sealant, stains can be avoided.
  • Heavy weight of granite forces the consumer to leave the installment process to professionals.
  • Granite can chip, have pits, divits or areas of weakness in the stone depending on the pattern or make up of the slab your choosing.