Sink Options

We offer for your kitchen, Utility or Wetbar Stainless Steel sinks made of the Finest Stainless Steel 18/10CrNi. Features include: All have beautiful Iuster, Impact Resistant,have easy clean up, Full undercoating with pad with sound dampening, Fully couple diffrent shapes of porcelain undermount sinks that come in either white or bisque color. Stainless steel is the most popular kitchen sink style 0n the market and provides a complementary match to commercial-styled appliences. There is a vast many benefits including ressistance to chipping, cracking or peeling.
Undermount modes are the most appealing to consumers as they provide a seamless transition ftom the countertop to the sink. When looking at stainless steel sinls, it’s important to find out thr thickness or gauge of the steel, as this is how quality is measured. The lower the gauge number, the thicker the steel and the higher the quality of the sink. So for instance, an 18-gauge sink is more durable than a 23-gauge model.
Another feature to look for in a stainless sink is sound-deadening ability, or how loud the noise will be when something is dropped ino the sink, such as a peice of silverware. SOme sinks offer increased sound deadening by using under the sink spray coatings, such as Moen’s SondSHIELDTM,and special sound pads underneath the bowl. The only disadvantage of a stainless steel sink is it can be prone to scratching and water spotting.To combat this problem, choose a model with a satin finish.